"5 ⭐ review As owners of a villa at Infinity Bay (1405) in West Bay, Roatan we recommend Juan Carlos’ to all of our guests and everyone has been very happy with his services! We received the following thoughts from a recent guest as part of a review of our villa which we believe worthy of sharing with you. “Beverly connected us with Juan Carlos Rodriguez (, who took us on an all-day tour of the island in his air-conditioned van. Juan Carlos is fun, attentive and fully knowledgeable about the island. He created an individualized tour based on our needs and interests. We visited the rum factory (free tasting and great views), Mayan Jungle (you can hold monkeys and sloths and see many other native animals), a chocolate factory, and an iguana preserve (close encounters of the reptilian kind!), with stops along the way for lunch and souvenir shopping at Mahogany Bay. It was a great day—highly recommend!”"

    Greg and Lori Runyan, Olathe, Kansas

    "The tour Carlos gave of the island was wonderful. It was so nice to get away from the main tourist area and see various sites around the island. I especially enjoyed visiting the Iguana Farm and having the opportunity to feed the the iguanas. Fantasy Island was a great place to see animals too, as we saw deer, peacocks, tapirs, monkeys, and even a bat. The views of the ocean and the reef during the tour were spectacular. I definitely recommend Carlos as a tour guide because he is very nice, very knowledgeable, and is completely fluent in English."
    "We went to Roatan Island in April, 2005 on the Norwegian Sea and had the good fortune of having Carlos Rodriguez as our personal tour guide. Carlos met us at the ship, and we could instantly tell we were going to have a good time in his care. Carlos is personable, intelligent, fluent in English and Spanish, and seems to know about everyone on the island. He gave us an all-day personal tour of his beloved Roatan, and it was the highlight of our trip. We told him exactly what we wanted to do and he was perfectly accommodating, but he also made suggestions that turned out to be absolutely wonderful. Carlos is a true Christian gentleman and we hated to leave him at the end of the day because we felt like we had made a good friend. We would love to go back someday to see him and to see more of this gorgeous island."

    Greg and Lori Runyan, Olathe, Kansas

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